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Welcome to EdILAC – Education in Language and Culture.

How may EdILAC help you?

EdILAC offers education around linguistic and cultural challenges, e.g. training for different languages, communication skills, intercultural education, translation and interpreting services.

As culture is not only defined by language, but also by music, arts and theater, EdILAC also offers courses in these fields. From speech training for professional speakers, instrumental and vocal coaching to musical representations for your personal occasion we help you to find the right program. We work together with professional and experienced musicians. Find more about this topic under “Services”.

About Us

EdILAC – Education in Language and Culture – was founded by Anja Stäbler in January 2015 as an institute for language training, intercultural education and communication couses, as well as musical lessons (voice, piano, violin). EdILAC offers German as a foreign and second language (GFL/GSL), Business English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese as well as communication classes, cultural outings and excursions. The musical lessons can be held in German, English or French.

Our teachers/partners are all state-certified teachers or academically certified and sworn translators or interpreters with years of experience in their respective fields.

Anja Corinna Staebler

Language Trainer & Music Teacher

Language Trainer & Music Teacher

Anja Corinna Staebler, the founder of EdILAC, studied French, Music and Vocal Pedagogy (the art and science of voice instruction) and is a state-certified teacher for the German “Gymnasium” (top-level secondary school). She is also licensed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) to teach German to non-native speakers. Besides her native language German, she is fluent in French, English and Italian.

Based on her long-standing experiences in a variety of very different school types and institutions, she has now developed her own language training concept and teaches regularly foreign doctors and nurses to prepare them for the required language test to get the acknowledgment of their educations as well as regular language courses for everyone.

During her leisure time she likes to do sport and is learning the Spanish and Chinese languages.

Contact Anja Staebler: staebler@edilac.de

Donghan Liu

Language Trainer & Translator

Language Trainer & Translator

Donghan Liu is originally from China (Fuxin, P.R. of China) and studied German Philology and Pedagogy at the Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL) in China and the Georg-August University in Göttingen, where she finished with an M.A. (Magister Artium). In addition, she conducted a research project at the Eberhard-Karl University in Tübingen on the subject of “Intercultural Development of Competences in the Field of Management in German-Chinese Business Practice”. She is proficient in intercultural consulting methods and is our coordinator for students from China.

Besides her mother language Chinese, she is fluent in German – she has been living in Germany since 1999 – and English. She also has many years of experience in teaching German and Chinese and has also worked as an interpreter and translator, among others for the Chinese water tap manufacturer Hailin and the German magazine “BAYERNS BESTES”.

In her free time she likes to do sports.

Contact Donghan Liu: liu@edilac.de – QQ-number: 2041420139

Anna Osowska

Language Trainer & Translator

Language Trainer & Translator

Anna Osowska was already familiar with the German language as a student, she graduated from the senior class at German school. After her graduation she studied German as a foreign language, Communication Science and English Studies at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald and graduated successfully with a master degree (Magister Artium – M.A.) in 2009. She is licensed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) to teach German as a foreign or second language (GFL/GSL). In addition, she has completed several intercultural advanced trainings and supplementary educations, including “specialist in social media” and “multiplier for social competencies in dispute resolution”.

Besides her mother tongue Polish she is fluent in German and English and has been living in Germany since 2003.

In her spare time she likes to dance, to go to Zumba classes or on trips to discover new paths and natural treasures by bicycle.

Eva Althoff-Nuessle

Language Trainer & Translator

Language Trainer & Translator

Dr. Eva Althoff-Nüßle spent most of her childhood in North Rhine – Westphalia and studied Egyptology, Classical Archeology and Prehistory at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg, where she received a PhD in 2006. From 2006 to 2009 she did a correspondence course to become a State-certified Translator for German and English. She lives in Herrenberg with her husband and her three children and regularly translates English texts into German.

She teaches English and German and volunteers to help refugees to learn the German language.

In her free time she likes to bake, read and do sport.

Louise Cyffka

Language Trainer & Translator

Language Trainer & Translator

Louise Cyffka is Master of Arts (MA), Akademisch Geprüfte Übersetzerin (AGÜ) Academically Certified Translator for English and German. She was born in Glasgow in Scotland and studied German and French language and literature at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and specialised translation in German and English at the FASK Germersheim. She is an officially appointed and certified translator for the English language (Stuttgart Regional Court), and also has years of experience in simultaneous interpreting for these languages at events and congresses. She specialises in the subjects of dental technology, dentistry, health & medicine as well as document translation and certification.

She has made her home in Herrenberg/Germany, where she lives with her German linguist husband. In her free time she enjoys nature, being outdoors, walking, swimming and tourism.She accompanies our bilingual sightseeing tours, excursions and outings.

Abeer Koehl-Ali

Language Trainer & Translator

Language Trainer & Translator

Abeer Koehl-Ali was born in Egypt (Cairo) and studied German literature and language at the University of Menoufia in the Nile Delta, where she graduated with an B.A. (Bachelor of Arts). In addition, she took different classes at the Technical University of Braunschweig. Due to her work and long stays abroad she is familiar with a wide variety of cultures.

Besides her mother tongue Arabic, she is fluent in German as well as in English. Since 2013 she has been living in Herrenberg with her husband. She is experienced in interpreting and translating as well.

In her free time, she likes to cook and teaches cooking classes for Arabic cuisine.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923.

Our Philosophy

Quality instead of quantity

To learn a foreign language, the best setting is a small group in which every participant gets enough space and time to ask his questions and to practice the language. For this reason, our language classes and trainingsessions have a maximum of 7-10 participants per group.This way we can focus on the active expression of the language, while giving equal emphasis to both speaking and writing skills.

As we use English as a common teaching language in our German classesright from the beginning, the students of EdILAC reach the corresponding class levels (A1.1-C2.2) quickly (i.e. after 60 teaching units instead of 100).This means that our language classes are mainly suitable for foreign graduates, learners with good command of the English language or people with experience in learning a foreign language.

This concept enablesthe participants to find employment faster and enhance their career opportunities.

Classes for participants without any knowledge of the English language or any other foreign language are offered on demand.

The DTZ (DeutschtestfürZuwanderer – German language test for immigrants) is possible in cooperation with the VHS (adult education centre)Herrenberg, where the exams are taken regularly.

Practise makes perfect

Learning a language is like learning a new sport – it demands regular training to be successful.

To create a solid basis,the focus of our our language trainingsessions alternates consistently between speaking, reading, listening and writing; it involves every channel of learning in order to foster every skill and make it easier for any type of learner to memorize the new topics.

For the more, different situations of everyday or in professional life will be specifically and regularly trained with different learning partners so that the practised skills are ready to be used in the situation.

Action instead of reaction

To us, it is important to bring the participants forward and motivate them to practice using their skills actively also outside of the classroom setting. This means not only reacting to a question, but asking questions or starting conversations on their own initiative.

Also, we think that, in spite of this highly digitalizedcentury we live in, handwritten exercises are even more important than the exclusive use of a computer for the purpose of taking notes. This is even confirmed by the latest findings of the modern brain research: “Computer activities do not lead – this is very well proved – to improve ones’ brain efficiency anyhow during daily life”.

(Cit.: Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer – Psychiatristand Brain Researcher – Ulm, Germany)

“Everything that comes into existence is due to difficulty and need.”

Heraclitus (about 540 – 480 B.C.), Greek philosopher.

photo gallery

Guided Tour to Castle Lichtenstein

Guided Tour to Castle Lichtenstein

Fog Cave during a Tour To Castle Lichtenstein

Fog Cave during a Tour To Castle Lichtenstein

Stunning Stalagmite at the Fog Cave

Stunning Stalagmite at the Fog Cave

Impression of a Traditional Swabian “Fasnet” Parade

Impression of a Traditional Swabian “Fasnet” Parade

Impression during a guided tour through Herrenberg

Impression during a guided tour through Herrenberg

Impression during a guided tour through Herrenberg

Impression during a guided tour through Herrenberg

Our Services

  • Corporate language training

    We offer on-site language training in your company premises. Our courses are adapted to the proficiency level of the members of your staff attending our courses, agreed upon with the respective participants and customised to meet their specific requirements. You can choose between compact weekend courses, on-demand, customised training sessions and regular blocks of instruction.

    The languages we offer are:
    • German as a foreign/second language (GFL/GSL)
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • Arabic

  • Classes in Stuttgart & Herrenberg

    Our regularly offered DaF-/DaZ courses are held in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. These are structured according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C2). They begin at level A1.1 and normally finish at level B2 for learners wishing to take the German Test for Immigrants (DTZ, DeutschtestfürZuwanderer).

    This can be subsidized by the Federal Employment Agency, please contact your agency advisor for details. The German Test for immigrants is offered in cooperation with the Adult Education Centre (VHS) Heffenberg; your advisor will be able to give you details.

    Levels B2.1 to C2 are available on demand.

  • Translation & Interpretation

    We translate certificates and documents and certify these for you as well.
    Apart from that you may book our experienced translaters and interpreters for your international business contacts and communications. Please ask for our updated price list.

  • Bilingual excursions & Cooking classes

    To make it easier for our learners to get to know and experience the German culture, language and lifestyle first-hand, we offer bilingual excursions and cooking classes, which enable the participants not only to see the sights, but also to practice the language and experience the traditions and typical (Swabian) food.

    This is possible in German as well as in the required foreign language. An informative and fun day is combined with communication training. Two teachers will accompany the outings; where required, one will provide interpreting services.

    The bilingual excursions and cooking classes are offered in the following languages (in combination with German):
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Chinese

    For further informations, please send us an e-mail. Thank you.

  • Educational programs in music and performing arts

    We offer:
    • Single lessons or coachings for voice/speech, violin and piano
    • Theater or acting workshops
    • Musical entertainment as well as concerts in the field of classical music or jazz/swing for
    your festivities or ceremonies.

    For detailed information, please click on the following link: www.anjastaebler.de. Thank you.


Anja Staebler teaches an incredible class. When I did it, we met for 3 hrs per day, 5 days a week for 3 weeks for beginner German. After that, I did the next 3 week beginner/intermediate class. I learned a ton in that six weeks, and it was probably the most valuable thing I’ve done to live happily in this country!

Stacy O. (USA)

My class was taught by Anja Staebler and it was great! I learned a lot, not only for my communication skills, but also about cultural aspects.

Ann F. (England)

Interested in learning to speak, to write and to read German? I had a class with my instructor Anja Staebler, I highly recommend her! She is FANTASTIC!
This is a GREAT teacher and a GREAT class!

Caroline Trixi W. W. (USA)

I found the Intensive German Course with Edilac to be incredibly helpful. Anja is very skilled at breaking down difficult grammar and making it easy to understand. The small class sizes also offer opportunities for individual attention and personalized assistance. After only three months of the Intensive German Course, I was able to sit through a parent evening at my daughter’s school and was able to follow along with most of the nearly 2 hour presentation and understood all of the key details passed.

Nikky P. (USA)

Very good German courses. The lessons are well balanced between every day vocabulary, speaking, and grammar. The lessons break down complicated rules and syntax of German into easy to understand instruction. The small classes and one-on-one with the instructor are excellent for building confidence and focusing on personal needs of the students. Frau Stäbler’s knowledge, patience, and understanding of German made for a very good learning environment for all levels of proficiency.

Peter M.M. (USA)



Course type

Prices in €/ course

Intensive regular, 15 lessons /week 210
Intensive regular, 15 lessons /week 210
Intensive regular, 15 lessons /week
Intensive regular,15 lessons /week
Intensive regular, 15 lessons /week
Exam preparation, 12 lessons/ week —
1 week – for Al-Bl
2 weeks – for B2-C1
Individual lessons, 4/week 213
German for foreign doctors — preparation for the „Fachsprachenpriffung”, 25 lessons/week: 12 weeks Folder with all material for this course 213
Registration fee (per course): 213

*If your stay in Germany is shorter than the regarding course, please ask for a partly participation and our reduced f
**Morning courses — afternoon courses only on demand.

Job training and placement

Prices in €/ project

Short term (1-7 weeks) volunteering 420
Long term (8+ weeks) internship 425
Enrolment: 845

Music lessons & preparation for music studies in Germany (any instrument)

Prices in €/ lesson

10-lessons card

45 minutes 50 50
60 minutes 80 50
60 minutes with a professor of any Musikhochschule in Germany. We provide contacts to professors all over Germany. To be discussed with the professor and an agency fee of 400€ will be due.
Enrolment: 845

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